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Since 2006, Phil has been in the residential construction business. As a licensed builder in South Carolina, he managed all aspects of new construction, including land procurement, design, development, and sales for Dixon & Co.  In 2016, Phil started American Surf Parks and has worked alongside surf park owners and operators in the US, Spain, and Australia to understand best practices for land procurement, technology, design, and development of new surf parks. This includes organizational planning, facility maintenance, safety protocols, staffing and general day to day activities. For the proposed Myrtle Beach project, Phil facilitated feasibility work, site planning, budgeting, zoning changes, developer incentives, and land procurement of a 17-acre, City Owned, land parcel in the center of Myrtle Beach’s entertainment district. This process included working alongside City Leaders to create a site plan that was consistent with the city’s long-term goals. The process resulted in the City of Myrtle Beach unanimously approving a 50-year lease agreement on one of the City’s most valuable land assets. Further, Phil is actively identifying and investigating new surf park opportunities throughout the US for the future growth of American Surf Parks.

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