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Deep water standing waves are suitable for all ages and skill levels - Learning to surf was never easier and safer.

Beginners of any age can start their first experiences safe and stable by using a grab-handle. Intermediates can ride the wave and practice maneuvers and experts can rip the wave with jumps, 360’s and powerful turns. Citywave® is an example of a perfect endless wave that consists completely of water from top to bottom. Their unique Deep-Water technology guarantees a wave of up to 6 feet with maximum pressure, instead of maximum water speed. 



15,000 sqft Footprint

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Standing Waves 




The standing wave customer can be described as:

Young, dynamic, sportive, lifestyle oriented, urban, influential, opinion leader with above average purchasing power



Why is a standing wave unique?

This is a deep-water wave providing the most authentic surf experience.


Average price per ticket?

The average ticket price ranges from $40 to $60 per surfer.


How many surfers can surf in one session?

12 surfers are sharing the wave during a time frame of 30 - 60 minutes.


How many surfers can surf at once?

1 to 6 people can surf simultaneously on the wave. Experienced riders prefer to surf alone nevertheless. Normally sessions are done with up to 12 people where they all take turns surfing.


How many staff members do I need to operate citywide?

Typically, it needs 3 people to operate a standing wave. This includes technical operation, handling and teaching surf customers, handout (and selling) of equipment and daily maintenance.


Is it safe to surf a standing wave?

Yes. Before each session all surfers get an introduction from professionally trained surf instructors. The water is deep in front, underneath and behind the wave. Walls and floor are soft padded with foam.


Can customers use their own surfboards?

Yes. You may bring your own surfboard.

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50 ft wide standing wave with Beach Club in Chelan, Washington

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